My creative work began in 1967, spanning a period of 40 years.  My journey into the visual arts was long and complex.  I first explored the field of photography, traveling around the world, discovering spiritual places, deep landscapes, places of origin, experimenting with abstract colors and textures, always seeking the visual heart of existence in the desert, mountains, canyons, rivers, and cities of this great world.

In traveling this visual journey, I have relied on the masters, past and present, for inspiritation in light and shadow, color, texture, form and idea.  I used these inspirations as a point of departure for my voyages into visual delights and mystical realms, my work striving to be present in the moment, to take the viewer "from the without to the within and back to the without again".

I later branched out to painting and sculpture, and I combine all three together into a richness of color, texture and form, a unique and ever-expanding visual tapestry of mind and consciousness.

My life and my art is a constant journey into the unknown, always looking ahead, never behind, a positive and spiritual quest to understand and portray inner and outer existence.